First off, full disclosure, I’m a man. So you may want to devalue my opinion based on this one fact, or you may be interested to hear what I have to say. I’m also a certified personal trainer who is continually studying the research from the scientific community and I’m not scared about what women, or even men, may think about my opinion on this topic. Mostly, because it’s science, and its proven science, not like those wraps and detox drinks you might be into.

So, here’s a shock, a bunch of women are into fitness. They are into looking better and taking care of their bodies, which, is a not so popular trend among the male side of the species, at least in the rural area of the heartland I live in.

Oh well, women will outlive the men and probably have the strength to take complete control of society by force if they wanted to, (Thanks to yours truly) all the while still looking like women and not at all, looking like a man. (I’ll be honest, around here, not even the men are looking like men).

Calm down boys, I’m not trying to make enemies, I’m just saying that all these people hating on women who lift weights are comparing them to men who aren’t even lifting weights……average.

Alright, enough stirring the pot, let’s just get to the part of the article that involves the facts about why anyone who hates on women lifting is either jealous or simply misinformed.


Women see the results they want far easier by lifting weights regularly. It’s fact, and I’ll explain why in a moment. What results do women what to see? Well, normally women enjoy appearing to be the fairer sex and aren’t seeking to change that, I mean let’s face it, it’s practically their super power and they use it to keep us men in line. Beauty is a freaking beast! Women want to “Tone” What does that scientifically undefinable word even mean?! Well to them it means, they want to appear to have less body fat, less fluff and puff, at least in certain areas.

Why do women who lift weights get that result?

Women who add weightlifting into their exercise are working smarter. Anyone who lifts will have stronger bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscle. Muscle is a key ingredient to being able to burn unwanted fat, without it you will spend years hitting plateaus and obstacles in diets and cardio wondering why you just can’t lose the fat.

The Science…

Imagine this, you’re a woman who weighs 150 pounds and you are at 40% body fat and you want the percentage of body fat you have to go down. 40% of 150 is 60 pounds. So, let’s say you want to look great at 20% body fat. You will need to lose 30 pounds of BODY FAT.

So you start the latest diet trend and begin doing aerobics, killer cardio classes, running and spending hours on the elliptical, and you start losing some weight! It’s working yay! Finally, after 3 grueling months of miles of elliptical and replaying that beachbody dvd for the 1,00th time you have lost 30 pounds. Your clothes fit better, you go to the mirror, you lift up your shirt and nothing has really changed! You’re furious! You’re smaller, you weigh less but your proportions are the exact same, you weigh less and look the exact same and you want to say the hell with it all!

Here’s Why…

Because you did nothing to ensure you preserve the muscle you have and did nothing to specifically change your physique. You wanted to lose weight and you did. You now weigh 120 pounds, but you still have 40% body fat which is 48 pounds of body fat. You look the same, you lost 12 pounds of fat, 12 pounds of muscle and 6 pounds of water. You are the exact same just smaller, and now weaker, and your body fat hasn’t changed. What most women do at this point is quit, literally they give up, the more stubborn women do more of the same thing thinking lowering the number on the scale has got to work eventually. The smarter women seek out advice on strategies they haven’t tried and give it a go.

In walks me, the personal trainer with an education on the human body, the musculoskeletal system, true metabolic systems, and sculptor of the human physique…..

The Solution…

Bet you can’t guess what I’m about to say! Yeah, you got it, weightlifting. I’m sorry if you feel like it isn’t lady like, it’s very smart like. To begin with, people who incorporate resistance training with cardiovascular exercise live longer. They maintain strong bones and muscle tissue if they are doing it (At Any Age!) and therefore retain mobility in the joints throughout their life. Oh, and yeah, there is that other little thing, it becomes easy to reduce your body fat percentage.

How Science Works…..

Again, let’s say you weigh 150 pounds and you are at 40% body fat. Say you want to look good at 20% body fat. Instead of having a goal to lose 30 pounds of body fat you now have a goal of 20 % body fat and to look good. So, you begin lifting weights, if you’re serious about the result you have already hired me or another personal trainer to customize the program in detail for you.

Dieting and restricting calories at this point isn’t hard. It’s not hard because really you just cut out a few things you know are junk and start choosing whole wheat over white but are just focused on strengthening the body because you are trusting the process the trainer recommends. Lifting is a challenge some days, but you always have enough air in your lungs and love lifting with your squad.

After all, you can breathe well enough to chat it up between sets. Immediately, within the first 2 weeks you feel tighter, tighter everywhere. Your posture is improving and so is your confidence. 6 weeks in you glance at a mirror and notice some clean curves and definition on your body, where there use to be flab, it’s starting to look kinda fab-u-loss some body fat!

You try on your clothes and holy cow they are fitting good! You are feeling good! You run and jump on the scale and you dreadfully see that you weigh 150 pounds! The scale must be broken because you have lost several inches of belly! You can even see the beginning of abs! The area leading to the arm pits is leaner, your arms are leaner, and you’re seeing a thigh gap appearing on the horizon! It is impossible, you have obviously lost weight!

Relax, you have “Lost Weight”

What happens with resistance training is magical, the body truly loves it, it will reward you for it in the best of ways, yes, even as a female. While you turned your attention toward building and maintaining some lean muscle, the body responded to your demands. It’s called the “SAID” principle, or Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands. The body begins using the food you consume to fuel and repair your muscles. The process of recovering from lifting weights can take up to 48 hours for a muscle. This means while you are recovering from lifting your body is using extra energy to repair the muscle and restore the glycogen back into muscle for more work because you have shifted your efforts into building yourself, instead of destroying your fat.

What does the body do? If your diet isn’t ridiculous it begins destroying the fat and building up muscle for you, it’s like it knows what you want to happen, because you are finally doing something it likes you to do, making it stronger, showing it respect.

The Results are easier…

You were at 150, and still are, but are looking much better with an obvious fat loss. You go to the trainer, he takes some body fat measurements and according to them you have lost 10% Body fat and now are at 30% body fat, only 10% away from your goal.

But why do you weigh basically the same?

Fat takes up a lot of space, it looks really big. You lost 15 pounds of fat and freed up a lot of space on your body. You gained 15 pounds of lean mass, or muscle and it looks really nice because it doesn’t take up a lot of space and it makes your body feel better, because muscles work, and fat just kinda hangs around. So, you weigh the same, but now you have less fat, and guess what, 15 pounds of muscle spread throughout the body isn’t a lot. I mean it’s really great progress, but you don’t look like Arnold by any means, you just look like a really healthy Annie.

Why women who lift work smarter….

Now here comes the great the great news, your personal trainer knows that you don’t desire to look like a horse on steroids, he tells you the truth. As long as you only eat the calories you need or slightly less you wont gain male like muscle size. In fact, from here it should be even easier to reach that 20% body fat goal because burning fat is easier when you have more lean mass than fat mass. Since you are now 70% lean and 30% fat, it will be even easier to hit 20%.

No insane cardio, not pure fat diets necessary, etc. Why is it easier now? For every pound of muscle you have, you burn 6 calories per hour. For every pound of fat you have you burn 2 calories per hour. It doesn’t sound like a lot but muscle burns 3x as many calories as fat, and it adds up, especially when those calories are being burned to maintain or add muscle.

Women who are lifting are winning. They are more likely to be healthier, stronger, live longer, and accomplish their goals faster which means more time with their families, less stress, more energy, and more confidence. It’s science, and the results speak for themselves. It’s time we stop shaming smart women for taking care of themselves in a smart and healthy way. Lifting isn’t masculine. It’s human, and the human body loves it. If you aren’t lifting some weight regularly, you really should be, because quality of life is of utmost importance.

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Curtis Robinson-PT

Owner/Founder-Hot Fitness LLC