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Hot Fitness: Your Fitness Center in Enid

Train as you like in a judgment free environment

Being able to workout is integral to a healthy life, but there are some places that make this difficult because they have atmospheres that are not conducive to learning and growing. With this in mind, Hot Fitness was created so that all the people of Enid could find a place to improve themselves.

Fitness Center Facilities

Cardiovascular Training Area: Treadmill, stationary bike, rowing machine, elliptical.

Free Weights: the raw basics for strength training! We have all the accessories and weights you need to pump iron to your heart’s content.

Functional Trainer: We have a fully functional cable crossover machine, plate loaded shoulder press and smith machine.

Training accessories: BOSU, Pilates Balls, elastic bands, TRX, speed bag, battle ropes, heavy bag, indoor turf, Prowler weight sled and more. We can all use a little help in our workouts and Hot Fitness is here to provide it to the people of Enid.

Group exercise classes: We have a variety of different classes to help you get in shape. Please have a look at our classes section.

Stretching area: A large area to get yourself ready to give it your all and cool down once the workout is done.

Showers and lockers:

Hot Fitness 24/7 has 2 changing rooms. One for men and one for women. In a rush on your lunch break? Smash a workout and hit the locker room for quick shower and to jump back into work attire! No one will even know about your new gym obsession!

Kept clean to stay strong!

At Hot Fitness, we are very concerned about the cleanliness of our facilities and equipment because it is our duty to make sure our Enid patrons have an enjoyable time as they workout. If you are focused on whether or not a piece of equipment is clean enough to use then that is an unnecessary waste of time. That is why we stick to a rigorous and regular cleaning routine.

Come take a tour!

If you have any questions about our fitness center then please give us a call or better yet stop by our location to take a tour of the facility and see for yourself why Hot Fitness is trusted by so many to reach their fitness goals.