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Hot Fitness Online Personal Training

Train anywhere in the world with Hot Fitness

Hot Fitness Online Personal Training provides a real certified trainer to each and every client. From the day one assessment throughout the entire training program you can experience professional support and guidance.

Set Goals and Achieve Them

Your Online Personal Trainer will work directly with you to determine what your goals are and how fast you will accomplish them together. Customizing a program tailored for you to fit every aspect of your life.

Hot Fitness App: Using the Hot Fitness app it is easy to log in and view the workouts assigned for you that week. Watch videos to ensure proper form, log and track results, log and track nutrition, and message your trainer directly.

Nutritional Coaching: Your trainer will calculate the exact macros your body will require daily to ensure you reach your goals, if necessary, will even offer complete year round meal planning to take all the guess work out of your nutritional requirements.

Real Support: It is important at Hot Fitness that you experience the personal side of personal training anywhere in the world. With Hot Fitness you're getting a personal trainer, not a bot operating on an app. Every week you get a 15 minute coaching call with your trainer to discuss progress and re evaluate the training strategy built for you so changes can be made as needed. After every completed workout leave your trainer feedback he or she can review and discuss with you during your scheduled check ins.

  • Rated 5 Stars
  • Used by Doctors, Models, Nurses, and everyday citizens to accomplish their goals
  • Daily Check Ins
  • Weekly Coaching Skype or Phone Calls
  • Nutritional Coaching and Meal Planning Services
  • Hot fitness APP to promote Laser Beam Focus
  • Personalized Program Updated Monthly
  • Goal Setting and Reassessment every 4 weeks
  • 2 Free Consults for a friend or Family Member
  • Regular Educational Information via email, VIP Facebook Group, and Website
  • Quarterly Competitions with Trips and more...
  • 100 % Money Back Guarantee if you follow your program and don't get results!

Accountability and a strong support system is the key the most talented athletes, actors, and models in the world utilize to accomplish their goals. Hot Fitness Online personal training offers this Elite service to their members. See why clients on 3 continents are using Hot Fitness Online Personal Training and email or message Curtis directly on Facebook to learn more about him by clicking HERE.

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You are worth it. Choosing to train with Hot Fitness is choosing to invest the very best into your health and fitness needs. Hot Fitness pours their Heart and Soul out, ensuring you stay motivated and achieve what you set out to achieve. This is what made our company what it is, what makes the difference for our clients, and why you will feel like you're part of a team, Team Hot Fitness. Your Goal, is our Only Goal.